Dave Grosch has served on Poway's City Council since 2010. As a father, husband and active member of the community Dave is eager to serve Poway for another 4 years. 

I am grateful to you, the people of Poway, for giving me the opportunity to represent you and be an independent voice for you on the City Council these last eight years.  It has been an honor.

I am a fiscal conservative and I will continue to do my due diligence prior to approving the budget. Your tax dollars should be spent wisely and all taxpayers should get the maximum return on their investment.

And I’m proud that we have a balanced budget, healthy reserves, and the best roads and the safest City in our County. And I will work hard to keep it that way.

I will do my homework and be prepared before every Council meeting. I will make sure all neighborhoods in Poway have fair representation. And I will always be approachable and accessible to anyone who wants to meet and have a discussion on any topic. In my 8 years on the council I have met hundreds of residents over a cup of coffee to discuss our great city.  It has been the best part of my job.

I am happy to say this Council has set in motion long over due projects. We have approved the Espola Road Safety Improvement Project and the building of our new Community/Senior Center.  In addition, we are in the beginning stages of the revitalization of Poway Road with the passing of the Poway Road Corridor Specific Plan.  And finally, we started the process to bring to the City of Poway the Villa de Vida project. This project will provide 54 apartments for our Developmental Needs community. I would like to see these through to a successful completion.

I would appreciate your support this November.





I am grateful to the people of Poway for giving me the opportunity to represent you and be an independent voice for you on the City Council these last seven years. It has been an honor.


Dave is in District #1 on the North side of Poway road and Western side of the Arbolitos area. Make yourself familiar with the voting districts of Poway.


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There are many ways to support Dave and his campaign. Please spread the word to your neighbors and friends in District #1. Want to participate more? We would love your support!


“There is no one who cares about Poway more than Dave. He has a passion for people, and it's evident through his years of service”