Dave is known as the most available Councilmember and is frequently engaged with the community, actively working with the citizens to answer questions and solving problems. He is the right choice for Poway.  Barry Leonard, Councilmember

“Dave is constant in his dedication to what is best for Poway without any personal agenda.  He has always been diligent researching each issue and readily available to all in the community.  He is the best choice to continue to serve our community.”    Phil Spear, Hamburger Factory

“I’ve known and worked with Dave in Poway on a number of projects. I know he cares about our community and is passionate about finding solutions to problems. I’ve been able to count on him when I need to.” Rev. Bill Baker


And many other supporters:

Dave and Cathy Haessig,  Phil and Cleta Spear,  Amy and Sean Gailey, Jim Crute, Frank Kenny, MIke Fry,  James Forrest, Poway Bob Barron,  Amy Romaker, Nancy and Bill Roeckl, Bill McKibbon, Pia Morgan, Bob McKeon, Paul and Cindy Kassel, Steve Brooks, Cynthia Elizondo,  Bill Morrison, Joella Cunningham, Rudena Christopher, Kevin McNamara, Alex Mickel, Barry Cronin, Nancy Ferrill, Pat Schultz, Robert Fentor, Brian Peppin, Jim Gordon, James Forrest, Sherrie Brewer, Mary Baker, Brian and Bonnie Palmer, Mary Past, Roger Hort, Raymond Hammel, Janet and Dave Ryden, Sue and Ed Wancewicz, Steve Lawless, Joey from Roos Automotive, Mark and Marianna Bacilla, Chuck and Mary Cross, Terry Castelli, Mike Fry, Jessie Fentor, Julie Randoph, Cindi Hicks, Beth Galloway, Peter Dehoff, Mary Michell and Rick Sagers.