Support Dave's Campaign

Would appreciate your support in November.  And if you would like to help, here are a few ideas:

·       Place my campaign sign in your front yard

-       Hold a meet and greet for me at your house

-       Put a bumper sticker on your car

·       Distribute my door hangars or flyers in your neighborhood

·       Or you could contribute to my campaign to help offset some of my expenses.

In Poway, contributions are limited to $100 per person.  ID # 1403573

A check for more than $100 must be signed by both spouses. Per state law, need to know your current Occupation/Job Title and name of your Employer. You can donate on line or send me a check. Thank You.

News! Apparently some (not all)  folks are having a problem donating on line. Trying to find the problem. In the mean time if you write a check I will be glad to pick it up. Thanks.


Make checks payable to:  Grosch for City Council

  14436 Maplewood St., Poway 92064